By Judith S. Beck, PhD
Beck Institute President

I am so excited to announce that Beck Institute will release revised and new online courses this year. Beginning this April, we will release updated versions of the comprehensive courses required for Beck Institute CBT Certification: Essentials of CBT, CBT for Depression, CBT for Anxiety, and CBT for Personality Disorders. Later this year, we will also release the first comprehensive online course in Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy (CT-R), hosted by our team at the BI Center for CT-R.  

You can register your interest to be among the first to learn about these courses as they are released.

I would like to share a little bit about why we decided to revise our course content and create new courses for our community. It has been a pleasure to witness the growth of CBT around the world. The popularity of our courses worldwide has really highlighted the large and growing need for excellent and accessible CBT training. In fact, health and mental health professionals in more than 130 countries have taken online courses with us since we launched our first online course in 2015.  

But, like any good CBT clinician, the Beck Institute faculty and I stay up to date on the latest in research and advancements in clinical practice. As a result, we felt compelled to update our courses to reflect the most current information. You will find new research articles and techniques integrated throughout our revised courses, including strategies you can use to incorporate a recovery-oriented approach with outpatient clients.  

We also opened the BI Center for Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy (CT-R) in 2019. As we have seen this approach make a significant impact on the lives of individuals diagnosed with a severe mental health condition, we decided to make training in this transformational practice accessible to professionals all around the world through an online course. 

In addition to the revised and new course material, we developed a better learning experience through a new online platform. We incorporated video, text, and other elements into each course to create an immersive learning experience. We created a new online learning portal, from which you can access your trainings, build a trainee profile, track your course progress and CEs, and find direct links to BI staff who are ready to help you navigate your learning opportunities. And we decided to offer these courses in an on-demand format, so you can take them anytime you choose.  

I can’t wait for you to try this new learning experience and take courses with us this year. Stay tuned for more details about our on-demand courses by registering your interest today.   

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