What Will Your Journey to Wellness Look Like?


Feeling physically and mentally healthy, capable of taking on any challenge without worrying that your energy level or body weight will get in the way.

Excitedly booking a beach vacation without worrying about how you will look or feel in a swimsuit walking along the beach.

Running around with your kids or grandkids without feeling tired.

Feeling like food is your friend – not your enemy – and never “dieting” again.

Saying good bye to food cravings.

Returning to your doctor and being praised for the positive changes you have made to your health.

Our #1 priority is removing the overwhelming feeling that can surround change. It is important that you feel heard and understood. I will provide lots of positive reinforcement while challenging your current mindset. We will be your cheerleader and your sounding board as you journey toward a happier and healthier you.

Our Personalized Coaching Program Always Includes:

  • Discovering together the core reason for making the changes
  • Exploring obstacles that may be impeding progress
  • Introducing techniques to implement habits that can be life-changing and sustainable

The Journey to Wellness Typically Begins with Very Personal Reasons.

Some clients are looking in the mirror and not loving what they see, it stresses them out, and they decide they want to take control of their health and reach out to a Wellness Coach for help. We help our clients discover what truly motivates them to change. Usually, it is more profound than not liking how one looks in a mirror. We call this a person’s “WHY”; the motivator that will make change worthwhile. We then look at barriers blocking success. We explore inside and outside influences as well as past and present situations. We will guide in implementing changes in a pace that will create sustainable new healthy habits.

Some clients will discover the need after a health issue, such as diabetes, is diagnosed. The doctor may prescribe a drug and (hopefully) tell you to eat better and send you to a nutritionist. The nutritionist will give you a diet and tips to help with controlling diabetes. After this step, many patients are left to make the changes themselves. Doing this after many years of bad lifestyle habits can be extremely daunting. This is where a wellness coach comes to the rescue (ta-dah!).

As Health & Wellness Coaches, we are primarily behavior change coaches. We have knowledge about nutrition and testing that you may have had done; however, we are not licensed to give out advice such as a specific diet or interpreting lab work. To assure the greatest success, we will help you adjust your mindset around your diet and lifestyle by “crowding out” old, not great for you, habits and creating healthier behaviors which in time will become habits if implemented correctly.

Some clients want to improve their health, and the health information is out there (big time!) but who has the time to sift through all the articles? And there is a lot of conflicting ideas about health and wellness, who do you believe? This is where a Wellness Coach plays an important role. We are wellness information junkies!

Families or friends collectively want to make changes and hire a coach for their “TEAM” to improve the likelihood of success. We love to see groups work together and support each other. The combination of a supportive team guided by a coach can be amazing!

Are You Ready to Begin Your Wellness Journey?

If so, one of the most important things you can do is to understand your current mindset before you begin your journey toward a happier, healthier and longer life. No matter what, you CAN be successful as long as your big “WHY” – the motivator that will make change worthwhile – is more important than leaving those barriers intact that are getting in the way of your goals.