We all are going through a difficult, unprecedented experience. We face new challenges of all kinds on a personal, work, financial level. Many questions come to our mind:

  • How to cope with the lockdown with a learning attitude, with love and humor?
  • How can I feel better?
  • Who am I in lockdown times?
  • How can I discover and bring out the best in me?
  • What is my best face in this adversity?
  • Where do I want to put my focus now?
  • Where do I get the strength and control I need?
  • What do I want in life?
  • How can I reinvent myself / adapt ..?
  • What ways do I have now to generate income?
  • What is important to me?
  • What makes me vibrate?

We have the answers to these and other questions inside of us, however, it is not easy to clarify our thoughts and find them without speaking to someone who listens to us with full attention.

This is what a Crockett Wellness Coach does, “puts a mirror in front of us” and facilitates our inner conversation by asking appropriate questions so that we can find the answers. A Crockett Wellness Coach does not add or remove anything, he or she increases our awareness to activate our responsibility and our endless self-learning capacity. Not intended to replace therapy and if you are having suicidal thoughts please contact emergency services at 911.