Recently, with CBD’s evident rise in popularity, many scientists started exploring its effects. Although only a couple of CBD products are currently FDA approved, CBD’s sales have been consistently growing.

CBD has many practical uses, but medicinal use is the one it’s best known for. There are plenty of patients who opt for CBD therapy instead of traditional.

What is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the 104 chemical compounds that is found in the marijuana plant.  CBD oil is the most common, but you can also acquire CBD in tincture or spray form. It can be ingested, vaped, sprayed, or applied on the skin.

Even though it comes from the cannabis plant, which is the basis of a well-known drug, CBD  doesn’t contain THC. In other words, it does not produce a high. Even if a product does have traces of THC, it’s typically under 0.5%. And that is not enough to have psychoactive effects.

CBD has a relaxing effect on your body, helping you unwind after a stressful day at work. Some people use it to treat anxiety and headaches, others to treat muscle pain, tremors, etc. All in all, CBD has become an essential part of therapy for people with certain conditions. Choose the best CBD oil for sale or any other CBD product that suits you best, and you’ll be able to get full benefits of it.

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CBD Therapy

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CBD’s Proven Health Benefits
1. (Chronic) Pain

Pain is something that every human experiences many times throughout their life. And rather than taking dangerous opioids, some people opt for CBD therapy instead. Current research shows that CBD can replace ibuprofen and other analgesics effectively.

2. Depression and Anxiety

It’s no secret that CBD has a relaxing effect on the body. That’s why it can help reduce anxiety and insomnia. In addition, recent studies showed that taking CBD has the potential to modulate your mood, and thus help with certain psychological disorders.

3. Epilepsy

CBD Epidolex medicine was also said to alleviate pain and other secondary symptoms of severe illnesses and conditions. Although we don’t fully know how CBD affects the nervous system yet, the results of some of the recent studies have been promising.

4. Inflammation/Acne

According to some scientists, CBD has an anti-inflammatory effect. In light of that, scientists have been working on a new drug that will utilize CBD and all of its medicinal properties.

Health Risks

The health risks of CBD are far and between. In 2017, the World Health Organization issued a report on CBD, stating that it doesn’t have the potential to be dangerous.

On the other hand, not all CBD products are legal, and such products may cause harm. Some of the most common CBD side-effects include drowsiness, dry mouth, and nausea.

Pure CBD products have fewer health risks. That’s because they don’t contain THC, the psychoactive ingredient that gives you the ‘high’ feeling. Still, some companies don’t honestly disclaim how much THC they use in their products, which can have serious consequences.

Final Thoughts

CBD therapy can be a good alternative for individuals who didn’t have success with traditional medicine. It’s a natural compound that has the potential to become a widely accepted form of treatment for a multitude of conditions.