544: Is anxiety contagious?

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This week on the Anxiety Slayer Podcast, we’re talking about how to protect ourselves when anxiety soaks in from others.





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Notes from this week’s episode:

Those of us who live with anxiety tend to be sensitive souls, empathetic and open to the experience and emotions of others. When we are in balance, we are good listeners and caring friends who know how to practice self-care and not take on more than we can handle.

The challenge for sensitive people is that we can become easily overwhelmed by our environment, the moods and emotions of those around us, media etc. When we feel overwhelmed, our resilience is reduced and outside anxiety starts affecting us. In that sense, anxiety is contagious.

When anxiety soaks in from others we aren’t helpless, we need to notice and take action to regain our buffer. We need to increase our self-care and build our resilience so we can still support those we care about without getting overwhelmed.

What helps protect us from contagious anxiety?

Take a step back

  • Look at how you are being affected.

  • Ask yourself where is this coming from?

  • Check-in with yourself - is this my anxiety? Or am I being affected by someone else?

  • Think over recent conversations, connections, things you’ve read or heard.

If you find something that’s affected you coming in from the outside you can release it through some simple practices like mindful walking, journaling, EFT Tapping or the Access Conscious clearing statement we shared in our last couple of interviews with Dr Dain Heer

Check your company and influences

Pay attention to how you feel after time with certain people both in person and via social media.

Focus on getting grounded

Set boundaries

Get your bare feet on the ground for 10-15 minutes each day or as often as possible

Remember Self-Care

Self-care is not selfish. We can support ourselves and our loved ones better when we are looking after our own nature and we're properly nourished and grounded.

Get support

Working with an anxiety coach or counselor can help you look at the areas where your anxiety is increased by your relationships and environment. You can explore ways to protect yourself, set boundaries, and learn tools and techniques to help you calm anxiety and feel more at ease in your life.


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