519: The importance of changing your perception towards anxiety

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This week we're talking about how changing your perception about anxiety can help you regain energy and peace.





Show notes from this episode

Changing our perception helps us reclaim energy

When we see anxiety as an enemy and personalise it by saying we hate it, we give anxiety more power over us.

We see anxiety as something we have to fight, and we resent it. Feeling this way about anxiety puts us in a victim mindset. The result is exhaustion - when we feel like we are fighting anxiety we are losing energy.


Programs running in the mind

We’ve all done it. It's the default setting of a suffering mind. We don't like how we feel, so we declare it. I hate this! But anxiety isn't personal. It's not listening and it's not going to back off and leave us alone - unless we make the choice to deal with it by taking action.

Changing the way we feel about our anxiety and switching our perspective to seeing it as an emotion, or a messenger that is trying to communicate something to us is a positive first step in regaining our power and sense of control over anxiety.

Stop fighting, start calming

The way to master anxiety is to stop fighting it and start taming it Taming anxiety begins with paying attention to what’s beneath its noise, chaos, and symptoms.

With anxiety, we feel its turbulence, and we get swept away and exhausted by it. But there is more to anxiety than its distracting drama - everyone’s anxiety has a story, it has its own triggers and messages. Like a recipe, there are ingredients to our anxiety and when we learn to examine it and deconstruct it we can change the recipe and, in doing so, we change the end result.


Look with fresh eyes

Getting curious is an important shift that helps us look into our anxiety for more information and, with support, we can begin working with that information and responding to anxiety’s message rather than reacting on autopilot with fight, flight or freeze responses.


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